Destiny Ministries

Destiny Ministries developed in the ‘90’s in the hearts of Lou and Thelma Goszleth.   It was birthed in the transition period of the Church / Kingdom Age. . . the ending of an old order, and the beginning of something new.  At the time, we really didn’t know what that meant.  We had a good history, but we definitely did not know the future, or dare to dream of how glorious and free it might be!

Lou is Hungarian, and Thelma from Midwest America.  After years of ministry, church-planting, mentoring, and missions, we spent ten years pastoring in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.  God led us, with our four daughters, to become Canadian citizens.  And, presently Lou is getting his Hungarian citizenship, as well.

In ’96 we moved to Florida, and new ministries, jobs, and connections.  Our country home has been Grand Central ever since.  Our girls are married, and live in Florida with our grandchildren!  Our children are our inheritance, our precious treasures, our credentials. 

Everything we do is relational.  Destiny is a networking ministry focused on seeing the Kingdom of God manifest on the earth—to see His Glory be revealed.  Our joy is to facilitate and link people and ministries “for such a time as this!”   It is to serve in numerous ways  –to help others fulfill their destiny.

Destiny is always expanding beyond ‘headquarters!’  Most of our board members have their own ministry network—not under Destiny, but connected.  You might find them on Connections & Links.

We travel a lot, and are more excited about the future than ever before.  Through the years we have always wondered what we would be –when we grew up.  We think we are very close to finding out!